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Why use us to help you find your next home?

We realize buying a home is the largest investment you will ever make. There are many decisions you will encounter when buying your new home. To assure that you protect your interests and make the most educated decisions it is important to have an experienced Realtor on your side who knows the area and the local real estate market.

Why Should You Use the Help of this website to Find Your Dream Home?

We work primarily with families seeking to buy a new home. We act as a personal shopper for you and always keep your best interest at heart. You tell us what your needs are and what you are looking for in a home and we will find your dream home at the best possible value for your money. We will help negotiate the contract terms and offer choices when making decisions. We are also able to answer questions about the local market including questions about the schools, neighborhoods, flood zones and more.

How are we able able to do this?

We are life long residents of Metairie and the Greater New Orleans area. As anyone can tell you who is from here this area is very unique. We know the flood zones, we know the areas that are prone to soil subsidence. We are not in this to make a quick commission, but to point out both the positive and the negative of every house we show you. We have a long list of resources in  the area and establish many great connections and affiliates. With this information we historically save our homebuyers thousands of dollars.

 We make Home Buying Fun & Easy!

We take pride in making the home buying process fun and easy! We walk you through the home buying process from start to finish. We are able to provide expert guidance and have the experience you need in a Realtor®. We have strong relationships with experienced local vendors such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors and title companies so you can feel even more comfortable knowing that you are getting the best representation and service throughout your real estate buying experience.

Steps to Buying a Home

Step 1: Find an experienced Realtor

To find the right Realtor for you it is often wise to speak to more than one. Generally speaking you want a Realtor who works at their profession full time and who is experienced in the area that you are looking to buy in. A Realtor works for you and as a buyer a Realtor works for you at no charge to you.  

Step 2: Find a Lender and Get Pre-Approved for a Loan

To find the right mortgage lender it’s best to shop around. Get recommendations from your friends and family and check with the Better Business Bureau. Your Realtor can usually recommend a loan officer as well. Talk to at least three or four mortgage lenders. Ask lots of questions and make sure they have answers that satisfy you. Make sure to find someone that you are comfortable with and who makes you feel at ease. Be sure you talk to your mortgage banker to understand all the costs that will be involved with the closing so there are no surprises. Closing costs will likely include (but are not limited to) your title fees, appraisal fees, lender fees, and insurance fee. 

Once you have the right mortgage lender, make sure you at least get a pre-approval. Qualifications are only a guess based on what you tell the lender and are no guarantee, whereas a pre-approval will give you a better idea of how big a loan you qualify for. The lender will actually pull your credit and get more information about you. However, you could even take it one step further by getting an actual approval before you start home shopping. That way, when you're ready to make an offer, it will make the sale go much quicker. Keep in mind if there is a house that you are interested in and there are multiple offers on it the fact that you are already approved for the loan could make the difference of whether or not the seller accepts your offer over another. Besides, your offer will look more appealing than other buyers since your financing is approved.

Step 3: Look for the Right Home

Make a list of the things you'll need to have in the house. Ask yourself how many bedrooms and bathrooms you'll need and get an idea of how much space you desire. How big do you want the kitchen to be? Do you need lots of closets and cabinet space? Do you need a big yard for your kids and/or pets to play in?

Once you've made a list of your must-have's, don't forget to think about the kind of neighborhood you want, types of schools in the area, the length of your commute to and from work, and the convenience of local shopping. Take into account how good the rate of home appreciation is in the area.

Step 4: Make an Offer on the Home

Now that you've found the home you want, you have to make an offer. Most sellers price their homes a bit high, expecting that there will be some haggling involved. A decent place to start is about five percent below the asking price. You can also get a list from your real estate agent to find out how much comparable homes have sold for. Once you've made your offer, don't think it's final. The seller may make a counter-offer to which you can also counter-offer. But you don't want to go back and forth too much. Many times, you end up meeting in the middle. Once you've agreed on a price, you'll make a deposit, which is money that goes in escrow to give the seller a sign of good faith.

Step 5: Choose Home Inspector and Have Home Inspected 

It is important to have the home inspected by a licensed home inspector. As the buyer you can do as many inspections as you want at your expense. Some of the more important inspections to  have done include a termite inspection and a video pipe inspection in addition to a general home inspection.

Step 6: Close on Your Home

Allow about an hour for the closing which will usually take place at the title company of your choice. You will sign several loan documents prepared by your lender.

Step 7: Move In!

Once you are moved in the real fun begins. It is now time to make the home yours by decorating with your style and filling it up with furniture.